Limited Edition "Get Out The VoteT-Shirts
Pictured above; Mario Piscatella, friend and volunteer, out knocking on doors with Darcy's son Henry.
Darcy Burner for State House
T-Shirts that Get Out the Vote!
Available only through August 31, 2016
Darcy believes it is more important than ever to get voters engaged and at the ballot box for every election, every year. That's why she wants to help remind those around you with this very special t-shirt design. 
Featuring an illustration by rising Seattle artist Elli, you've got to get one before they're gone!
*T-Shirts are given free with any donation of $50 or more from time of promotion. Shipping and handling are provided at no cost.

"Work together. Never stop pushing forward. That's how we change things."

As a small business owner in Carnation, Washington, Darcy understands that we need a healthy economy that grows from the middle out while embracing participation by everyone, that we need to fully fund our schools, and that Washington should be the first carbon-neutral state in the country and show everyone else how it's done.